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Welcome to my website! I'm a professional dancer, yoga and dance instructor, reiki healer, and intuitive reader based in the Los Angeles, CA area.  Explore my website to find out more about performances, classes, and sessions.


September 2017


On Sunday, September 24th, join the cast of Lost Angels: A Dark Speakeasy in Downtown LA for our next event, "Savage." Regular memberships and VIP have gone live, as well as for our annual Halloween event, Rise of the Wraiths (and save the date for October 29th!).


I am booking now for Halloween events! I'm spoken for on 10/15, 28 and 29 already so



August 2017


Many changes, much news. First, please note that Lost Angels has been placed on hiatus for this month. More info here.


I am dancing at Improvisational  Wednesdays at Emle's Restaurant in Reseda this Wednesday, 8/9! Please call ahead (818) 772-2203 to reserve table space. No admission fee but please support by ordering dinner and tipping the dancers.


The next day, I'm dancing at WTF-lesque, also in the Valley, at the Canby Bar in Reseda. I will be performing the intro  of a traditional American Cabaret style set.


July 2017


Saturday, July 22nd I'll be performing with Sekhmet Dance Company at Ole Ole Dance and Fitness Academy in Duarte for the Yalla Habibi Summer Edition show!


On Sunday, July 23rd, join the cast of Lost Angels: A Dark Speakeasy in Downtown LA for Lost Angels: Summit of Villains. Purchase your tickets here, especially while VIP is available.


June 2017


I'll be dancing as a part of Sekhmet Dance Company, who will be performing at Moun of Tunis Restaurant in Hollywood for "Calling All Goddesses" on Sunday, June 25th. Dinner at 7pm. Call for your reservations now, as this showcase always sells out. (323)874-3333


For this show I'll also be offering tarot and psychometry up front as Lady Aquamarine! Make sure to come visit me. Cash and credit cards accepted for readings.


That's it for this month! You also definitely will want to check out Lost Angels: Court of Shadows after the Moun of Tunis event. Sadly this'll be my first Lost Angels as a cast member that I'll have to be absent for since joining as an original member in Spring 2015, but I will most certainly be back soon!






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