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Welcome to my website! I'm a professional dancer, yoga and dance instructor, reiki healer, and intuitive reader based in the Los Angeles, CA area.  Explore my website to find out more about performances, classes, and sessions.



March 2017

 I will only be performing publicly once this month-- at Lost Angels: A Dark Speakeasy 's "Dreaming in the Dark" event on March 26th, once again at the Overflow in Downtown Los Angeles. Now just over 2 years into this event as one of the original cast members, I have gone down much more experimental routes than just traditional Middle Eastern dance as the character of Elle L. Fauntleroy, so leave your expectations at the door. Tickets can be purchased here.  


February 2017

Check out all the awesome performances at Tonya and Atlantis's Bellydancer of the Universe Competition the weekend of February 18th and 19th. (Um, hint hint.)


I will likely be performing original poetry at the Lost Angels: A Dark Speakeasy event Haiku: Libertine Love at the Overflow in Downtown Los Angeles on 2/26.

January 2017

I will be performing just once this month. Please find me as Elle L. Fauntleroy in Lost Angels: A Dark Speakeasy's interactive David Bowie tribute, Blackstar Ball, taking place at The Overflow in Downtown Los Angeles. Tickets can be purchased here.

December 2016

In November, I led a Town Hall meeting in which BFLA delivered an official announcement to the community that that organization will be "soft closing" as of the end of 2016. Leadership/officership of the group is available if anybody wishes to contact us at to take it over. Our entire statement can be viewed here .  You can view our farewell newsletter and commemorative collage here. Thank you so much for your attendance at our final Trash or Treasure Holiday Bazaar event!

I'll be dancing with
Sekhmet Dance Company at our final Siren Sundays event of 2016 on Sunday, December 11th! Check out DeVilla's post about it here. 323-874-3333 for reservations and mention the showcase--it will sell out so reserve ASAP!

You'll be able to catch me dancing one of my few solos in the upcoming months on Sunday, December 18th at Lost Angels: Winter Solstice Darkest Night. This time we're at the Overflow in Downtown LA. I'll be performing choreography by DeVilla.

And earlier that day,
Lady Aquamarine's Tarot will be offering readings at the Dance Garden LA Winter Fiesta in Atwater Village.



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