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Welcome to my website! I'm a professional dancer, yoga and dance instructor, reiki healer, and intuitive reader based in the Los Angeles, CA area.  Explore my website to find out more about performances, classes, and sessions.


April 2017
I'll be dancing as a part of Sekhmet Dance Company, who will be performing at Moun of Tunis Restaurant in Hollywood for "Let's Duet Again" on Sunday, March 23rd. Dinner at 7pm. Call for your reservations now, as this showcase always sells out. (323)874-3333


Our next Lost Angels: A Dark Speakeasy will be in May. More details coming soon.

March 2017

 I will only be performing publicly once this month-- at Lost Angels: A Dark Speakeasy 's "Dreaming in the Dark" event on March 26th, once again at the Overflow in Downtown Los Angeles. Now just over 2 years into this event as one of the original cast members, I have gone down much more experimental routes than just traditional Middle Eastern dance as the character of Elle L. Fauntleroy, so leave your expectations at the door. Tickets can be purchased here.



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